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Liste des serveurs XenApp de chaque applications : Prise en compte des WorkerGroups

Bonjour, Nous vous présentons une ligne de commande Powershell permettant d’extraire la liste des serveurs d’une application publié. La particularité est que nous allons prendre en compte le fait que l’application peut etre publié soit directement sur des serveurs définis soit par un worker group. Le script va alors sortir la liste des serveurs contenus …

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XenApp servers list for each Application with WorkerGroups management

Hello, We present you a Powershell command line to retrieve the server list of published application. The specificity is that we will take the fact that applications can be published directly on servers and/or by a worker group. The script will then get list of servers contained in the worker group: [important]Get-XAApplicationReport * | select DisplayName,FolderPath,@{N=’ServerNames’;E={$_.serverNames+($_|?{$_.WorkerGroupNames}|%{Get-XAWorkerGroup $_.WorkerGroupNames}).ServerNames}} |convertto-csv >> …

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Citrix Xenapp 6.5 Powershell Guide

The arrival of new versions of XenApp led to a scramble in our habits of management with the disappearance of integrated features and handy far as Report Center. Powershell took it and it is not necessarily easy to take control of these new management capabilities. We will present you a short guide with examples for better …

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We present you a new blog about Citrix Powershell: They present different commands and techniques to exploit your Citrix infrastructure. Read and follow. Please note that all links remain available on your right 🙂

Unable to delete SPL file ( print job )

Following a warning of disk space we diagnose a print job stuck on our Citrix server. We executed a management  free disks space analyzer tools like TreeSize or SpaceMonger to determine the source. For this case we detected a stuck print job having consequent size of 3.2 GB We tried to remove it : Without …

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Citrix Xenapp Licence load of 20000

Please be attention to this article dealing with Citrix Xenapp Licensing issues on a server Xenapp. CTX125363 If you get 20000 load errors by performing a qfarm / load do not hesitate to go see it.

Error “to log on to this remote computer you must have terminal server user access permissions” Citrix publication access

  We present you an issue we face off. On launching of a “Putty” publication on a citrix 5.0 farm with a hop on citrix metaframe 4.0 farm there is :   Here is the context scenario :   At first sight it seems the issue is linked to Remote Destop Group Users We have …

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