Unable to delete SPL file ( print job )

Following a warning of disk space we diagnose a print job stuck on our Citrix server.

We executed a management  free disks space analyzer tools like TreeSize or SpaceMonger to determine the source.

For this case we detected a stuck print job having consequent size of 3.2 GB

We tried to remove it :

Without success :

A process locks the file to prevent its removal.

With no information about the owner of the file, it isn’t possible to know the cause of the blockage without using other tools.

To break the deadlock, run Process Explorer from SysInternals tool suite.

This tool will list the processes running on the machine.

Then click ‘Search’ (binoculars)

seek to ‘spool’  will allow us to search the list of those processes access a file named ‘spool’ on disk.

in the list of results we find that the iexplore.exe (PID 9728) process locks the file FP00190.spl

We just have to kill the process through the classic Task Manager or Process Explorer.

You can also contact the user in question than itself, it closes the application.

You can delete the print job and return back the service expected.


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